Landers Landcare Lawn Services

Landers Landcare is comprised of 12 lawn care professionals. The mission of Landers Landcare to provide dependable, professional and quality minded services has been achieved only through the hard work and commitment to quality of it’s great workforce.

Meet the Management

Tom Landers

Our Team
Tom Landers started Landers Landcare in 1985 in the neighborhoods of Anderson Township. Operating out of the back of a 1982 Ford Escort Hatchback, and equipped only with a 21 inch mower, a trimmer from Van Luenens, and a broom, Tom set out to provide great service for 25 local homeowners. Today with the help of a dedicated staff, and with wonderful and loyal customers, Landers Landcare now serves over 300 customers on the east side of Cincinnati.

Shawn Mendoza

Our Team
Shawn joined Landers Landcare in 1997. Starting out as a crew member he worked his way up through the ranks to become Operations Manager. As Operations Manager his responsibilities include general oversight, quality-control, personnel matters, management of the fleet and equipment, purchasing, office responsibilities, as well as many other responsibilities. Shawn's influence has touched every aspect of the business. His perspective and counsel along with his loyalty and trust over 20 years has proven to be invaluable.

Jody Elam

Our Team
Jody came on board in 2012. He quickly showed a knack for landscaping excellence, and moved into the role of Landscape Supervisor. He was promoted to Landscape Manager in 2014. Jody oversees the landscaping from start to finish. This includes everything from the original customer contact, through the estimate process, the completion of the job, and the follow-up. Jody's hard work and dedication to quality has resulted in many of our customers choosing us for their landscape needs.