Landers Landcare Lawn Services

Visual Testimonials

"Landers Landcare has been providing excellent service for ATHS since 1993. We really appreciate the service they provide us free of charge."

- Anderson Township Historical Society

A Satisfied Customer shares a visual testimonial from Turpin Hills, in Cincinnati, Ohio
A Satisfied Customer shares a visual testimonial from Anderson Township, in Cincinnati, Ohio

Better Business Bureau

Landers Landcare has been awarded an "A+" rating from The Better Business Bureau


Customer Quotes

"Landers Landcare does a great job, they are very thorough and the job is always professionally finished. I highly recommend them."

-Liz Buddelmeyer
Hyde Park
Customer since 1996

"Chris Cobb and Shawn Mendoza. Not sure who cut my yard but my husband was so happy and said you guys did a great job.  Thanks Landers Landcare!"

- Bobs Auto

"Thank you to Landers Landcare for the great neighborhood entranceway clean up job."

- Bloomfield Hills Homeowners Association